Kallfly is an On Demand Virtual Contact Center which provides experienced Virtual Experts for Customer Support, Customer Survey, Telemarketing, Virtual Assistants, Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for Startups, Large Enterprise and Government.

With a proven track-record of facilitating thousands of hours of work from our Virtual Experts, and more than 3 million phone calls, plus flexible terms such as month-to-month, quarterly and bi-yearly engagement model, Kallfly has established itself as the best option for companies seeking reliable and affordable live agent support for new or existing campaigns, whether seasonal or long term.


Humans As A Service

AWS’s Mechanical Turk was the first platform to connect human labor with tasks defined by businesses. oDesk connected employers to freelancers. 99designs focused on the graphic design industry. We do the same thing for the call center industry.


Traditional Competition

Traditional call centers are built around SIP infrastructure. It takes two weeks for a new client to set up a new job campaign; clients have to pay for over provisioned capacity, with a “minimum order” of 7–10 call center agents, and an initial deposit of US$1,000. In the Philippines alone there will be 1.3 million call center agents by 2016 commuting for hours to their cubicles.



Most calls originate in the US and go halfway around the world to reach Manila. Why, then, should call center agents have to commute for 2 hours to work, when they have Internet connections at home? Because historically, SIP phones were only available in the office PBX. WebRTC is a new technology that enables phone calls in any web browser. Now call center agents can work from home. And that makes it possible for Kallfly to build a virtual platform that disintermediate existing call centers.


For call center agents, KallFly is a web app that provides a familiar interface to a script, access to the client software systems, and integrated VoIP via WebRTC.

For client businesses, Kallfly is a virtual contact center where they can upload their script, grant access, and launch any number of agents by time of day, day of week, or week of year.

As a marketplace that connects the two, Kallfly can offer dynamic pricing of agents, with bidding for hourly rates and hold time priority. As with traditional call centers, agents can train to serve multiple campaigns and multiple clients.

Kallfly lets you handle calls on the fly!